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Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Windows 8, the next Windows OS in 2012.....

8th version of Windows was designed even before Windows 7 was launched. That means in January 2002. Because of the separate groups which are appointed to develop different different operating systems by Microsoft, things has been very easy. Normally, Microsoft has followed a culture of releasing an operating system after three years of releasing the last OS. So the next Windows OS (8th version of windows) is to be released in 2012.

A roadmap slide of Microsoft Corporation was unofficially released by Italian Microsoft Corporation. It states that there is a major release in 2012. It is a server operating system, code name Windows 8. At the same time the Desktop Operating System also is the 8th version of Windows.

After Windows 1.0 was released in 1985, 12 versions of Windows has been released up to now. But technically, they belongs to seven basic versions. Normally Microsoft gives three names for their operating systems. They are Code Name, Product Number and the Official Brand. Up to now Microsoft has followed many ways of giving names. At first they gave names by the version number like Windows 3.1, 3.5, etc. Then they were named according to their released years like Windows 95, 98, 2000. Then they started to name the OSs which are easily pronounceable like, Windows XP, Windows Vista. But after that they changed the system of naming. In 2008, when the product name of Windows 7 was released, they said that their next OS is going to be Windows 8.

Still there is no news about how advanced is Windows 8 is from Windows 7. Still the news is coming from unofficial blogs and some involved people only. From these, the most informative news came from a not from LinkedIn Profile of a worker of Microsoft called Robert Merdon. It stated that Windows 8 will be launched 64 and 128 bit releases without 32 bit release. The first OS which will be having 128 bit will be Windows 8.

According to the interface, Windows 7 was exactly same as Windows Vista. But Windows 8 will contain a totally different interface from Windows 7. The loading of Windows Vista was slow. But Windows 7 has reduced that time of loading. But Windows 8 has even more reduced the loading time. Because Windows 7 has reduced many problems in Windows Vista, it is considered as the best Operating System. It is a OS which has the touch screen facility. This feature is more developed in Windows 8.

Unofficial sources say that Windows 8 will be called 'The Operating System which touches the future'. That means, Windows 8 will be released not only suitable for the technical advancements in the next two years, but for the technical advancements in next five years too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Windows XP, doomed in 2011.....

Even though Windows Vista, Windows 7 came after Windows XP, still there are considerable number of people who are using Windows XP. The main reason why people does not leave Windows XP is that they can run new things on their old computers with Windows XP. That is because Windows XP is a suitable operating system for nowadays even. But now there are reasons to change this situation. The reason is that the present Hard Disk technology is going to be changed very soon by the manufacturers.

The IDEMA (International Disk drive Equipment and Materials Association) has already decided to introduce a new hard disk technology replacing the present technology in 2011. But Windows XP cannot run in hard disks which has the new hard disk technology.

From the time of DOS operating system, the hard disks had a 512 bytes format block. Floppy disks had the same too. In 512 bytes standard, the start and end of the format was stated. There is a small gap between those two. When we take together all these gaps in a bigger hard disk, it is a huge unusable space. To avoid this and store more data in a small hard disk, the new technology called '4K format' has been introduced.

Today's data exchanging is not in hundreds of bytes but in millions of bytes. That means hard disk must be measured in Tera Byte which is equal to 1024 Giga Bytes. For this, the decision of changing the hard disk technology was first came in 2009. So the operating systems of Windows, Linux and Apple were all compatible with 4K format.

From 2011 January, all the hard disks that come to the market will have the 4K format. If that type of hard disk is installed in to an old computer, with a suitable capacity for that computer, and if Windows XP is installed on that hard disk, it will reduce the speed of the operating system from 10%. Sometimes you will not be able to install that operating system even. All this will lead to an omission of Windows XP.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PC News : Google "GO" Progamming Language....

Today I have brought you a very interesting news. A new programming language.

Computer is always solving problems. A computer is instructed how to solve each and every problem at the beginning. A software means those instructions. We are giving instructions to the computer in a language that the computer understands. It is called Programming Language.

There are many programming languages nowadays. The newest of them is Google's 'GO' Programming Language. Why do we need another programming language, when we have more than enough programming languages. Google answered this question.

All the good qualities of the present programming languages are not in the same place. When we take Python and Javascript, it is more easy to be designed than C++ or Java. But Java takes the first place in coding. Python is the best in flexibility. 'GO' means a combination of all these good conditions.

The comments about 'GO' is also useful than what Google says. One of the researchers in Gartner Company, Ray Waldas, said that 'GO' is a high level programming language. Some says that 'GO' is a combination of Python and C++. 'GO' consists of many features of Perl, PHP, Ruby open source programming languages. 'GO' is also released as an open source programming language.

The designing of 'GO' was started 12 years ago. On 21st September 2007, Robert Greesomer, Rob Pyke and Ken Thomson came to an decision about its architecture. From that day onwards, they designed it whenever they had free time in different pathways.

The combining of this unfinished work, started in full time in January 2008. After one year, 13th November 2009, this was released as a production by Google. Now anyone in the world can free download 'GO' programming language by logging in to with all the tutorials which explains clearly how to work with it.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials Download...

Hey readers... Microsoft has launched the official download of Microsoft Security Essentials...
Follow the below link or click the below image. This is a fully genuine software :

*Sorry.. This was launched sometime ago.. I was late to published this..

For more details about this software, refer to my article about Microsoft Security Essentials